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"Moe is not only a great teacher, he is also a wonderful person with compassion and love for children. My daughter has been learning piano for over an year and has made amazing progress. Suzuki method allowed her to play songs and compositions from day 1 and motivated her to learn more. She looks forward to the lessons. Moe has created a kid friendly environment with toys and give away's that will make any child happy.

I strongly recommend Moe and Suzuki method of teaching to any parent who is looking for a inspirational, fun and kind teacher!!"

- Asim, Allendale, NJ

"Seldom are you lucky enough to meet people who add quality and value to your life. Moe is one of those people and so much more. I could elaborate with many adjectives like kind, dedicated, patient etc but I'd prefer to tell you a story. My office is upstairs in my home and I love when my two boys 10 & 5 yrs old practice their piano homework; it's one of the highlights of my day. My wife always helps my younger son and although just starting out (about 4 months now) is doing quite well. The other day I was listening to a piece being played beautifully, but was a little surprised that my older son was practicing an older simpler piece. To my amazement after 5 minutes I heard my daughter walk over to the piano room and compliment my younger son on his playing. If you have a 5 year old you probably know that getting them to practice anything is a task, so seeing my son voluntarily practice and do such an incredible job was just the greatest!! I would love to tell you that its all due to his dedicated parents but I cannot take that credit. He really likes learning piano and that is for one reason only..Moe!! 

Keith, Franklin Lakes, NJ

"My two sons are taking Suzuki Piano lessons with Moe's Piano Studio. Joseph is ten years old and every week he looks forward to his piano lesson at Moe's Piano Studio. Moe has been teaching him for over two years. We originally chose Moe's because he is truly dedicated to teaching piano and to his students mastering Suzuki. Moe uses a variety of games and activities to keep the students motivated and on track. He also rewards his students when they reach milestone achievements by awarding certificates, trophies and prizes. Most importantly, Moe holds a number of piano performance recitals throughout the year so the students always have a goal they are working towards. Moe has a great personality. He is professional yet at the same time friendly and funny. This is why Moe is also perfect for the very young student. Matthew was just 4 years old when he started Suzuki piano at Moe's Piano Studio. The many motivating games and activities that Moe employs while teaching Matthew enhance the learning experience. Both of my sons are excellent piano players due to the first class lessons at Moe's."

- Marta K., Franklin Lakes, NJ

"My daughter has been taking piano lessons from Moe for last 3+ years. He is very patient and nurturing, which encourages her to perform beyond expectation. He makes learning piano a lot of fun. Her piano has been a welcome distraction to the academic demands and it is lovely to hear the progress she continues to make under Moe's instruction. Moe is a dedicated teacher and a wonderful person with good values. I think he is the best piano teacher ever!"

- Nupur, Allendale, NJ

"I would highly recommend Moe's Piano Studio. Moe is a very talented teacher and pianist. He is kind, patient, and makes playing piano fun for his students. My daughter has been taking lessons from Moe for over a year and I am very happy with her progress."- Liz, Ramsey, NJ

"Moe is a great piano teacher! He is very patient and fun. He also makes me laugh! Every two to three weeks I get to learn a new piece. I like the Suzuki method that Moe uses to teach piano - you can learn really fast! After every lesson, you can pick a small prize or get bubble gum from a bubble gum machine. Now - that's really cool!" - Benett,

Glen Rock, NJ

"Moe enjoys teaching piano to children and adults. He is also a former computer programmer. He left that job to pursue teaching piano full time. Moe has passion to teach, loves music, and is very good with children. He taught my daughter and me how to play classical piano. Also piano recitals are important part of Moe's teaching. It gives chance for students to perform in public. Moe makes recitals fun, memorable, and a learning experience." - Alexander, New York City

"Our daughter has been taught by Moe for several years now and we are very happy with her playing ability. Moe is very patient, great teaching style and is constantly rewarding kids for the progress they make. I would highly recommend Moe to anyone that has a child interested in playing piano." - Vinay Allendale, NJ

"My granddaughter age 7, has been taking lessons from Moe for almost a year now. Moe motivates and engages his young students in a fun way while guiding them through the Suzuki method of learning to play the piano. She has gained confidence in her abilities and is most willing to play in Moe's little recitals as well as for family and friends. I am very impressed with her progress." - Mary Ellen, Wyckoff, NJ

"Moe is a wonderful piano teacher who has been teaching both of our children. They have made significant progress in the two years that he has been working with them. Moe is a kind and patient teacher and the children enjoy going to his classes. Every year, he organizes several recitals where the students can perform in front of a friendly audience which is great for them as they have something to work towards and the feedback they get during the recital helps them to stay motivated." - Geraldine and Cor Wyckoff, NJ

"Moe Azizoddin, a certified Suzuki instructor for 20 plus years, blends new memorization techniques with traditional methods of music mastery, in a well-articulated system of learning piano that can be taught to both the young and the old with outstanding results.

I have been Moe’s student for about five years now. I am very grateful and privileged to have learned from Moe. Thank you Moe." - Reza, Ridgewood, NJ

"My daughter has been learning piano from Moe for 2 years. Moe is a very

enthusiastic and dedicated teacher and my daughter looks forward to her lessons.

She has progressed incredibly and does not fail to impress her family and friends when she plays piano. Moe is very passionate about teaching and is happy to take phone calls and guide the kids even outside the classroom.We could not have asked for a better person and a piano teacher. " - Shalini, Allendale, NJ

"Moe is a great teacher - he is an upbeat person who clearly loves teaching his students. Since my 16-year-old daughter started studying with Moe, she has made amazing progress. My daughter is mastering beautiful and complicated songs with perfect technique due to Moe’s teaching strategies. She recently won an award for her piano playing at a very competitive event. Moe’s instruction along with the way he breaks down a piece makes learning and practicing the piano seem effortless. He is a dedicated teacher who is fun, inspirational, kind, patient AND he gets results in a nurturing environment. My daughter looks forward to her lessons.”- Barbara, Ridgewood, NJ

"I highly recommend Moe as a piano instructor. Moe is a great teacher. He loves teaching his students and he puts lots of effort and goes above and beyond for his students. My son has been taking piano classes for the past 3 years. He is very happy and always looks forward to his lessons. Moe mixes up teaching with joy and fun so the student don’t get board and also helps them to stay motivated. I couldn't be happier and I am very grateful to have Moe as a piano teacher for my son."- Narges, Hawthorne, NJ

"Moe is a fantastic piano teacher. He is not only technically superb but is also a great mentor for his students. He has the patience and dedication and most importantly the ability to inspire and motivate his students to achieve more. We are extremely pleased with the progress of our twins and the eagerness with which they learn. Thanks Moe, we are indeed grateful that our kids are getting an opportunity to learn under your able guidance."- Jaya & Sudip Ramsey, NJ

"We started Moe's classes for our son in July '14. Our son has exceeded all our expectations under Moe's tutelage. We are so happy with his progress that now our daughter who is only 3 has started her piano journey with Moe. Moe's teaching is based on the Suzuki method of Piano instruction, which by far is the most balanced approach. He has great work ethic, which combined with his passion enables his students to exceed let alone fulfill their potential. We were surprised by the manner in which our little daughter picked up playing piano. Moe focuses on the right technique, which establishes solid foundation for future pieces, which are tougher.

He breaks down the pieces into smaller tasks, which are easily grasped by the students & make a big overwhelming piece into simpler sub pieces, which the kids can assemble to play the whole piece. With strong emphasis on parent involvement, the kids are regularly motivated. I have learned piano just by sitting through my kid’s lessons. Moe has a unique way to motivate his students through a great incentive system. Last but not least, Moe is a great person & it has been a pleasure having him as our kids' piano teacher. We highly recommend Moe & would love to speak to anyone who is looking for a piano teacher. "- Sheena & Varun Saddle River, NJ

"It's not easy to find the right piano teacher but Moe is obviously extremely talented and knows how to teach his students effectively. He is an amazing teacher and an all around good person. Very patient with my 5 year old daughter and encouraging and makes things very understandable. He also makes sure to document everything in your kid’s folder so you can always review when you practice at home. My daughter is always excited to go for her lesson and always in a good mood after, also because of the little rewards she is allowed to choose at the end of her session."- Anmol, Fair Lawn, NJ

Moe is not only an exceptional piano player, but a patient, kind, and generous teacher. Moe brings a sense of humor and playful sensibility to his lessons. I'm probably one of his oldest students, yet his warmth and compassion combined with his brilliant instruction make lessons a joy. I am very grateful to have discovered such a fantastic instructor. I highly recommend Moe to anyone searching for a piano teacher. _ Deborah, Allendale, NJ

Learning to play the piano at the age of forty something is no easy feat......but something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. My 13 year niece inspired me on Thanksgiving when she played a Billy Joel song on the piano for the family. After a little research on-line, I had the good fortune to connect with Moe. Within in a week I had my first lesson with Moe and learned to play my three year old son's favorite song, "Twinkle, Twinkle." (My son thinks I am a rock star and requests that I play his favorite song all the time!) I'm into my fourth lesson with Moe and I cannot be more impressed with his patience, support, enthusiasm, encouragement and knowledge. I am looking forward to playing in my first recital (which Moe also coordinates for any of his students who wish to participate). I highly recommend Moe and encourage anyone who is interested in learning the Suzuki method toreach out and talk to Moe. _Corinne. North Haledon, NJtions from the toolbar.

We reached out to Moe in Aug. 2015 through Thumbtack for our 5 year old and he invited us for an initial introduction. We assumed this was going to be a quick intro but Moe took the time and explained everything in details. He stressed learning piano is not like any other recreational activity, it will require lots of time and effort, from the parents.

Fast forward 4 months, our 5 year old has come long away. Initially he struggled mightily, but Moe did not give up. He diligently worked with him one key, one finger at a time until he mastered. He has now learned several pieces and more importantly enjoys playing piano.

Moe is a professional working with little children and we can sincerely attest to this after seeing the improvement our little one made over the last four months. Moe did not allow my 5 year old to simply learn and move on to the next piece. Instead he ensured he mastered his hand position. As he initially pointed out learning piano requires lots of effort from the parents. With each exercise he request the parents be involved so that they can correct their child when practicing at home.

We have nothing but high praise for Moe. He’s professional, honest, sincere and enjoys teaching kids. We are very happy with our Son’s ability to play and certainly recommend him to other parents.

Sincerely, -Zia “Fair Lawn, NJ

I absolutely love taking piano lessons with Moe. I got a late start at 22 years old, but Moe has helped me learn so many pieces already in the few months we’ve been working together. He does an incredible job of incorporating what each student needs most into the lessons. I started my lessons to help with my songwriting, for example, so Moe has included pop music and songwriting along with the normal Suzuki training. I highly recommend Moe as a teacher to anyone of any age that wants to learn piano! _ Ali, Oakland, NJ

Moe is an extraordinary teacher who goes above and beyond for all of his students. He is always available to answer questions and give insights. A man with unwatchable knowledge and experience, he will do anything in his power to help you master the piano. I am grateful to be one of his students, and look forward to the continued success I have had thus far with him. I would highly recommend, as any other piano teacher would just not be Moe. _ Morgan, Wayne, NJ

I’ve been learning how to play the piano with Moe for the past 2 weeks, an d I have learned more from Moe in two weeks that I’ve learned with my prior piano teacher in 3 months. Moe is extremely knowledgeable, genuine, and professional. His teaching style is very structured. He also pushes me to play very precisely, NEVER rushes me but takes his time, and he is always on top of things. Moreover, he really cares about me learning and improving, more than I do! Hahaha! He is awesome! I feel very blessed to have him as my piano teacher.

_ Jessica. LA, CA Online Lessons.

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